Day-to-day at Pottles Court

Anyone keen to talk or meet with any of the management team need only get in touch to talk about any aspect of care needs, the prospect of needing or wanting 24/7 care or anything to do with growing older with needs that worry you or a family member or friend. Just call 01392 833101.


Jan Sprague

Jan was appointed as Home Manager in January 2017 having worked as Deputy Manager for 10 yrs of her 17 yrs at Pottles Court.  Jan's passion for her work and loyalty to the home and residents is second to none.  Combining a 'hands on' role with the operational, compliance and organisational requirements of managing a home that believes in a balance of care and fun will be central to Jan's approach.

Jie Lu

Jie Lu, a highly experienced and well qualified physical health care nurse in her native China, has worked as senior carer, then head of care and now Deputy Manager at Pottles Court for 12 yrs. She will continue to be our local lead on care themes and close liaison with visiting nurses as well as ensuring our care team are up to date with changing health care trends.

George Coxon

George Coxon is the lead director for Pottles Court spending a lot of time each week supporting the home manager and team as well as getting to know our residents, making time chatting and bringing ideas and energy into the home.  George trained as a mental health nurse in the north east and immediately upon qualifying moved to work at Exminster Hospital in the early 80s on a geriatric admission and assessment ward for people with dementia.  George is leading work across care homes in Devon on developing a quality kite mark for homes and after many years working in Devon for the NHS remains very involved doing local and national work on improving care for people with dementia and families.

George’s main areas of work at Pottles Court include taking a keen interest in activities, striving to make continuous improvements in atmosphere and environment and providing a lot of in house training to staff.  We are working closely with West Bank, our local community resource and healthy living centre, to establish Exminster as a ‘Dementia Friendly Village’ in line with the national programme to enable more people to know about dementia and feel more able to help and be helped regarding the condition. 

Becki Woodman

Becki Woodman is another of the director team who spends most of her time managing in Summercourt, our sister home in Teignmouth. However, a lot of Becki’s role in supporting the Pottles Court team draws on her dual-trained nursing experience most recently as a nurse at our local acute hospital, the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust, where she specialised in work with older people.  

Henrietta Coxon

Henrietta Coxon is the third member of the director team.  Henri has a background in management support and personnel, and like Becki has worked at Summercourt, our sister home in Teignmouth, since 2005.  The support she provides to Jan is essentially managerial, financial and administrative from ensuring spending plans are robust and effective to all dealing with staffing issues.