Spring has sprung at Pottles Court

Posted by: Pottles on April 15th 2019.

We may be being a tad premature in announcing springs arrival as the weather seems to be playing tricks with us currently but on the brink of the May bank holiday we feel ready to get planting and making more bunting for all the royal events coming up soon. We’ve a sweepstake on the date Harry and Meghan’s first born will arrive offering another chance to lift the famous Pottles Cup – our current holder is Fred after his exceptional Grand National win on Tiger Roll - giddy up !!- we will be marking the Queen's 93rd birthday with a jolly quiz on the April21st – coinciding with our annual EASTER HARD BOILED EGG JARPING CHALLENGE – Director, George assisted by June won last year – previous winners Pam (2017) and Jean (2018) will be battling it out this year seeking to retake the cup !!

See last year’s Jarping shots below and the furious lucky horseshoe shoe horn polishing by Terry in the run up to the big horse race

In other news we are doing lots with our local Academic Health Science Network and Exeter University addressing ways to enhance the lives of those living and working at Pottles. These include:

· Considering ways to prevent falls and address hip fracture risk

· Addressing ongoing hip and knee pain

· Being involved in making sure our folk are taking the right medications – not too many and taking care to keep people fit and well

· Developing great future care need plans too

We welcomed new residents Roy and Trevor and have spent a lot of time reviewing our thoughts and ideas on the nature of moving into a care home - - we were invited to be represented at the unveiling of the Exeter Dementia Friends Banner Unfurling and had a great time with our AgeUK chums there and the famous Private Eye cartoonist Tony Husband –he produced the amazing annual 2019 calendar we are using around the place

We’ve said lots about what really matters in care homes and particularly the essential ingredients that go to make for a homely home – the great Shirley Hughes – author of mainly children’s books is one of our favourites with her illustrations – she follows what we do and we follow her – we love the Curiosity theme – it’s in our top 5 key areas along with Kind, Keen, Fresh and Proud – more on these next time!!.

We are still having regular Jelly Baby Flicking contests too – all comers are always welcome to have a go

We will be resuming our monthly news updates and blogs after a period of abstinence due to technical hitches!! - so keep watching for more news each month

That’s all for now until next time

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