It's what matters that counts

The big question (of which there perhaps are many!) is what matters? so what really matters to us all? We are thinking and talking about this a lot at the moment at Pottles. This follows a lot of wide discussion about how we get it right for our residents in how they keep hydrated especially now that we have hit a spell of hot weather. Our Director George was interviewed by the Nursing Times recently after lots of national debate on people using plastic beakers - we are saying what matters is CHOICE, SAFETY, REDUCING RISK, DIGNITY AND PROMOTING INDEPENDENCE.

We will never say never about how people enjoy a drink but we must always ask, check, assess / observe, ask and check again - never assume and recognise needs change - people can manage a favourite cup sometimes, need help and support other times and can opt for an easier vessel if this works for them - so yes... what really matters? - that is the question.

What matters to chaps living in 24/7 care - we have 6 of our 17 guests / residents are men - more than a 1:3 ratio - what matters to them of course is a very individual thing - sports? well yes a few of them are very interested in the World Cup but so too are some of our women, cars? - yes we are doing a compilation of cars we have owned, gardening?... one or two but we realise habits and patterns of a lifetime can be ever so vital as they really matter - getting up early, being strong minded about things, making decisions - but are these the preserve of just men? not really we feel so one of the areas we are looking at is men in care homes - what makes us feel proud about this at Pottles?

We have another group of Trainee Nursing Associates with us during July - this is a brilliant programme of already experienced health care workers in acute hospitals spending time in care homes sharing learning - we are very proud to be one of the very few care homes in England being part of this NHS / Health Education England initiative - we might just get them involved in our men in care homes project?.

Since our last posting we've had our annual Judy Garland Birthday Tribute Day (10th June), a really nice time talking about our dads on Fathers Day (17th June), various visits from musical entertainers choirs and singalongs and the World Cup kicking off in a big way - see some of our rehearsals and re-enactments attempts below.

Ron and Fred played out a tense England v Belgium rehearsal with an outcome we won't dwell on whereas Dot (England) knocked 6 past Norman (Panama) in a very encouraging 2nd game for our boys - Norman didn't mind the drubbing we can confirm.

The things that matter in our view can come down to a handful of things and each will shape and influence how we create a homely home atmosphere these include:

  • being kind

  • being keen

  • being proud

  • believing in what we do as a privilege

  • being curious about people - finding out things, learning and sharing

  • enabling people to live as well as possible - smiles, laughter and funguarding is as important as safeguarding

  • The little things are as important as the big ! - fingernails being clean and trimmed and having the right number of pillows at night - little big things we say - new table and chair set below another little big thing.

Lorraine and the whole Pottles family raised £50 for Alzheimer's Research on National Cup Cake Day and we want to thank all those who made, bought, donated and ate the yummy cakes- see below.

A final few mentions:

  • We're having a My Kind of Music afternoon on the 12th July - all shapes and sizes of music will be shared - including a Rolling Stones medley - prior to our Mick Jagger birthday try out later in the month (26th July) - so who thinks music really matters and who likes the Rolling Stones we will be asking?!

  • We have Pottles Picnic on the 15th July coinciding with both the Wimbledon Men's tennis final (come on Andy!!) and the World Cup final (come on England!!)

  • Our next Residents and Guest meeting is on the 17th July at a slightly later time of 4.30pm -6pm - our senior team are leading a 'mealtimes in care homes' workshop in Dawlish ending at 4pm hence the delay - hear more about this at the meeting.

  • Our excellent and multi talented 'artworks in care homes' collaborators and great friends from the north 'Snow & Crow' will be with us again on the 1st Augustgetting everyone creative and productive that day - lino cut prints, sketchings, and personalised art of all kinds - see The Angel of the North print above as an example of what we might produce.

That's all for now - so much more to add but will save more of what really matters for next time!


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