Ever Changing Moods- February

With the beginning of each new year we reflect on the year past and make plans for the year ahead – a new decade with new excitement and things to look forward to we think.

We know how our feelings can be both of fun (an essential part of having things going on and getting up to some good as we put it) – see our latest cup stacking exploits below - as well as mixed with feeling slowed down and sad on occasions. We can and do think about those we have loved and lost and the nature of getting older of course. This year we are making even more efforts to keep chipper with lots of singing, lots of quirky adventurous and imaginative ideas and heaps of things going on. We also want to make sure we don’t ignore, minimise or patronise those of us who will have sad times, feel lost and a tad maudlin. Our plans will include:

1. Making time to be with anyone feeling down in the dumps

2. Do regular ‘checking in’ on how often these moments come

3. Work out ways to help – asking, offering ideas, being accepting of feeling sad- this is a normal part of life for many

4. Trying things out using our guide on what we say about the secret of happiness in care homes - see below

5. Seeking advice and support from families, loved ones, friends and experts including our NHS partners as needed

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