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It’s World Alzheimer’s Awareness month all through September – this means we are talking about our view and values in what we believe, what we know and what we do in terms of looking after those living with this (the most common) type of dementia at Pottles Court.

Our next Residents and Guests meeting on the 26th September -4.30-6pmwill have another action packed agenda – reviewing what we’ve been up to since our last full meeting in July as well as what’s coming up in the next few weeks – a few quick reflections here:

Our Summer Fete was a great success – lots of cakes, raffle prizes and hilarity

Lorraine has been doing lots of manicures and plans afoot to do some specialist foot massaging coinciding with our extended ‘bare foot selfie month’ between September and October – the ‘well I never’ themes extends to being part of such an event – this combining a light hearted entertainment of snap shots of tootsies with a more serious method of checking and following up foot care (supported by our brilliant chiropodist Heather) – we launched our ‘wiggling your toes for a healthy long life’ at our last residents meeting

Director George was invited to present at a conference in Edinburgh on the 10th September about the things going on in Devon – he also visited Peregrine House care home in Whitby, North Yorkshire – they were the first care home to get 5 outstanding stars in all areas by the Care Quality Commission sadly now they are a requires improvement home – we want to learn about how this happened and share ways to keep standards up – our residents meeting will share more on this

Eric then Dot did amazing things with plastic cups – Eric claimed our in house undisputed cup stacking champion title on the 18th August only to lose his title the next day to Dot – both utterly brilliant however

We are planning some autumn preparations including lots of testing out activities involving apples – watch out for more details – 21st October is national apple day and harvest festival is on the 21st September – the period in between will be doing lots of things sharing memories and photographs, quizzes and dangerous things with apples!

Whilst in Edinburgh George heard a talk about intimacy for older people in care homes

and did wonder about how we think and feel about this at Pottles

Our personal relationships and close contacts from hugs and kisses to the most intimate relationships we have had in our lives will ever remain important – the talk by a doctor warned us to not make assumptions about sexuality and needs in later life – delicate, personal and sensitive though they are we are hoping to share some views on this over the coming weeks – only for those who want to however and privately if felt best.

We will be receiving another series or Training Nursing Associates commencing again in October – all of those with us so far have been excellent – all experienced care staff at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital – they bring existing expertise and learn from us too – so let’s make them feel really welcome and help them see what a fab time we have at Pottles Court

Our latest group of trainee nurses with us soon

Chrissy Quin (Year 2) 6th -17th October

Liz Alom and Danielle Curley (Year 1) 21st Oct – 1stNov

Hannah Fitt (Year 1) 4th – 15th November

Lucy Hendy and Laura Jenkins (Year 1) 18th – 29thNovember

Alison Mascoll and Aimee Nute (Year 1) 2nd – 13th December

That’s all for now – more in October

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